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WSA Show & Festival Chair

Leading school wide exhibition; solely responsible for the vision of an innovative digital experience, including: an exhibition website, a 3D exhibition, student awards, a yearbook, a 5-day Festival & managing a large team of students.

The WSA Festival is a novel 6 day event, featuring over 33 panellists and speakers from the likes of HOK, CAUKIN, FAF, INVOLVED Magazine, ACAN and many more. The festival spanned the topics of Architecture & Politics, Urbanism & Society, Computation & Innovation, History & Heritage and Climate Change, which reflect the students work throughout the year.

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Computation & Innovation Day

In addition to chairing the show and festival, I wanted to delve into the topic I am most passionate about.

I ran a workshop on design thinking, making and grasshopper called 'Anything but a Box' and then hosted Theodoros Galanos for a talk on design Intelligence. In the evening we had a talk from Neil Lech, and I participated in a panel on the future of the Architecture, Artificial Intelligence and the Architect.

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